cover of Florida Parent Road Map brochure says created for parents by parents and your guide to raising a child with combined hearing and vision losses

Florida Parent Road Map: Created For Parents By Parents


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Identifying Infants and Young Children

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What is the FAVI Deaf-Blind Collaborative?


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When your child with disabilities has been displaced . . .

When your child with disabilities has been displaced . . .

1)  If your Florida student’s disabilities include sensory losses, you may benefit from Technical Assistance to facilitate his/her special education program, supports, and services: **The Florida & Virgin Islands Deaf-Blind […]

Bapin stands in a black shirt with his back to a black background with a sign reading “Bapin Group” over his left shoulder, and in front of him is a white table that displays a number of devices

Missed the 2016 International Deaf-Blind Expo? See the IDBE Blog here! by Christina Ortiz

Support Service Providers: Training Programs

A Support Service Provider (SSP) has been trained to work 1-on-1 in the community with teens and adults who are deaf-blind, in order to provide visual and auditory information about […]

What is Deaf-Blindness?

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