cover of Florida Parent Road Map brochure says created for parents by parents and your guide to raising a child with combined hearing and vision losses

Florida Parent Road Map: Created For Parents By Parents


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Identifying Infants and Young Children

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Supporting Individuals Who Are DeafBlind: Interpreters, Interveners, and Support Service Providers

by Kristi M. Probst, Ed. D. and Susanne Morrow, M.A., CI and CT Comparing the Roles and Responsibilities of Interpreters, Interveners and SSPs Individuals who are DeafBlind interact with their […]

What is Deaf-Blindness?

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When your child with disabilities has been displaced . . .

When your child with disabilities has been displaced . . .

1)  If your Florida student’s disabilities include sensory losses, you may benefit from Technical Assistance to facilitate his/her special education program, supports, and services: **The Florida & Virgin Islands Deaf-Blind […]

Bapin stands in a black shirt with his back to a black background with a sign reading “Bapin Group” over his left shoulder, and in front of him is a white table that displays a number of devices

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