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The Florida Outreach Project team includes two Family Specialists:

Shelly Voelker (bio) and Pam Kissoondyal (bio).

Both Shelly and Pam are the parents of children with disabilities who have extensive training and experience working with children and families affected by deaf-blindness and other disabilities.  Shelly and Pam are available to answer your questions, listen to your concerns, make suggestions, and recommend resources.

Shelly regularly shares many resources of interest to families affected by deaf-blindness and other disabilities!

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Pam coordinates Florida’s Project SPARKLE (Supporting Parent Knowledge, Abilities, Linkages, & Education) group.

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Florida’s Parent Training Centers and Parent-to-Parent resources:

  • A Parent To Parent national network, www.p2pusa.org, doesn’t currently show any Florida Parent to Parent organizations but does have some other resources on their site.
  • If you visit http://www.parentcenterhub.org,  you will see several Florida “Parent Centers.” Most of these organizations are parent training centers that also have parent-to-parent programs.
  • The Family Network on Disabilities http://fndusa.org/ is a parent training and resource center, run by parents, which serves 9 South Florida counties.
  • The Parents of the Panhandle Information Network (POPIN) is a program of the Family Network on Disabilities which serves panhandle counties from Escambia to Alachua (popin@fndfl.org).
  • Parent to Parent of Miami www.ptopmiami.org is an education, support, and advocacy program, as well as a Community Parent Resource Center.  Parent to Parent of Miami serves Miami, Dade, and Monroe counties.