Shelly Voelker, Family Education Specialist

Shelly Voelker, Ed.D., Family Education Specialist

My first and most important job is mother of four children.  After losing my oldest child Noah, in 2009, I adopted three young children.  While their special needs are quite different from Noah’s, Jaiden has cerebral palsy and vision loss like his oldest brother did.

While I was raising Noah, I worked in the classroom as a Special Education teacher and reading specialist for eight years.

My husband William and I are the directors of Noah’s Endeavor, Inc: Inclusive Community Recreation.
This nonprofit organization celebrates the memory of our son Noah Voelker by providing inclusive activities to families, throughout the year, in our community.

I have worked as a Medicaid Waiver Support Coordinator serving individuals and families affected by
developmental and multiple disabilities.
I have also served as Chairperson of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) Area 3 Family Care Council (FCC).

A 2006 graduate of Partners in Policymaking, I enjoy collaborating with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities and other organizations to expand the opportunities available to individuals and families affected by multiple disabilities.

My areas of experience include literacy, assistive technology, community inclusion, person-centered planning, early intervention, and transition.

With over 20 years of experience as a parent, special educator, and community organizer, I am passionate
about advocating for children and families affected by disabilities.

I received my doctoral degree in Special Education from the University of Florida in December 2013.
Since then, I have begun teaching courses for the Disabilities In Society minor, the TeachWell online academy,
and the Early Childhood programs of the School of Special Education, School Psychology, & Early Childhood Studies.

Phone:  352 – 275 – 9505