2020-2021 Family-to-Family Communities (F2FC)


Image shows heart that is labeled community, understanding, and connection.  A hand holding the heart is labeled relationships and resources. A hand above the heart is labeled support and information.  A quote reads, "I love knowing that there are others like me! It's wonderful to not feel so isolated" (parent).


Facilitators will contact participants in August; monthly meetings will be Sept 2020 – May 2021

F2FC brings families together to connect, share information and resources, and offer support to one another in the
journey of supporting their family member with deaf-blindness.

Image of Family-to-Family Communities Project header reads: Connecting families of individuals with deaf-blindness through distance technology, registration is open through August 15, sponsored by state deaf-blind projects, the National Center on Deaf-Blindness, and the National Family Association for Deaf-Blind

Love, Laughter, & Mindfulness: 1st Thursday/month at 8:30pm ET; boundaries, self-care, and ways to thrive in life
while also caring for your children with deaf-blindness; Facilitators- Heather Joy Magdelano & Donia Shirley
• Communication & Other Hot Topics: 2nd Wednesday/month at 8pm ET; communication for your child, family, and
educational team; open discussion about other relevant topics; Facilitators- Jackie Dalzell & Jenn Henkle
• Families with Members who have Peroxisomal Disorders: 3rd Monday/month at 8:30pm ET; communication,
educational support, & life balance / self-care; Facilitators- Krista Olsen & Katie Sacra
• Families with Members who have Usher syndrome: 4th Thursday/month at 8:30pm ET; supports, working with your
education team, health and wellness, family life; Facilitators- Pam Aasen, Carly Fredericks, & Lane McKittrick
• Families with Members who have CHARGE: 1st Monday/month at 9pm ET; unique needs and services, building a
network of support, family dynamics, planning for the future; Facilitators- Djenne Morris & Lori Beth Smith
• Families with Young Children (B-8yrs): 2nd Monday/month at 8:30pm ET; positive social-emotional dev., putting
supports in place for your child and family, transition to school; Facilitators- Hannah Fecher & Courtney-Ke Williams
• Life Support: 2nd Tuesday/month at 6:30pm ET; share life’s ups and downs with people who understandempowering parents from struggles to snuggles; Facilitators- Diane Foster & Katrina Michel
• Adult Life (age 22+): Last Wednesday/month at 7pm ET; adult service systems, employment, housing, life skills, and
social relationships; Facilitators- Patti McGowan & Sheri Stanger
• Families with Children who have Complex Needs: 2nd Thursday/month at 7:30pm ET; health care, support providers,
educational services, waivers, balancing family life; Facilitators- Nancy Stuart, Jenny Stuhmer, & Bridget Wildschuetz
• Advocacy for your Child and Family: 3rd Tuesday/month at 7pm ET; finding and using your voice to advocate for the
unique needs of your child and family ; Facilitators- Brandi Hitzelberger & Chelsea Winchester
• Supporting Academic Rigor: 2nd Tuesday/month at 8:30 ET; supporting your student in the general curriculum, selfadvocacy, extracurricular activities, friends, and family life; Facilitators- Nilam Agrawal & Jill Bradshaw
• 258 Chat: 1st Thursday/month at 8pm ET; “very interesting” chat, Deaf-Blind culture, community connections,
communication, and advocacy; Facilitators- Valerie Nordstrom & Heather Withrow (meetings will be in ASL)
• Extended Family Members: Fourth Wednesday/month at 7:30ET; for grandparents and other extended family who
want to support their loved ones who have a child with deaf-blindness; Facilitator- Jana Villemez

Registration link: https://tinyurl.com/F2FC2020

Spanish-speaking Families: 2nd Thursday/month at 12pm ET; education, relationships, self-care, and leadership;
Facilitators- Josefina Gonzales & Doris Tellado; registration for this group ONLY https://tinyurl.com/F2FC2020sp

F2FC 6 registration flyer 2020 English

F2FC 6 Espanol

EXTENDED Family Group: Fourth Wednesday/month at 7:30 ET 

EXTENDED Family flyer