OHOA Modules: Register for Set 1 by December 14th!

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MS-FLVI 2021Spring.C1,S3 & C2,S1A OHOA Flyer

2021 Spring Cohorts Schedule:
Jan. 4: Monday 4 EST/3CST—5:30 EST/4:30 CST: Zoom INTRO w/Hosts
Jan. 2—6: Complete the Welcome & Orientation Module (2.5 hours)
Jan. 6—Feb. 20:
Cohort 2, Set 1A: All must complete these three Modules 1, 2 & 4 (7 hours each) before entering any other Set! Module 1: An Overview of Deaf-Blindness & Instructional Strategies; Module 2: The Sensory System, The Brain & Learning;
Mod. 4: Building Trusted Relationships & Positive Self-Image
Jan. 6—Feb. 20:
Cohort 1, Set 3: Complete 3 Modules (7 hours each): Mod. 6: Understanding Communication Principles; Mod. 7: Emergent Communication; Mod. 8: Progressing From Non-Symbolic to Symbolic Communication and Complex Language

Please contact Shelly Voelker shellyv@ufl.edu for more information!