Florida Parent Road Map: By Parents for Parents

The cover of the Florida Parent Road Map is shown. It includes a map of Florida, the titele Florida Parent Road Map created by parents for parents, the logo of the Florida and Virgin Islands deaf-blind collaborative, and the Department of Education ideas that work logo
We’re on this road together…
How did you arrive on this road? Were you in an
obstetrician’s office the day you learned your baby
would be born with a disability? In the delivery
room? Or, was your child older, and you were still
going to doctors searching for answers?
However you got here, you are not alone. We are here
—we are parents who have been where you are now.
We share a bond that connects us in a way few
people will experience. We are linked by our children
with combined vision and hearing losses. The road
we are on is not well traveled. The truth is, this road,
while joyful and fulfilling, also can be filled with
bumps, potholes, and even roadblocks. Sometimes
the professionals you look to for guidance along
this road sound as if they are talking a language you
don’t speak or understand.
When you are feeling lost on this road, look around.
We are traveling the same road and would like to
help. This manual has been written by parents like
you who are raising children with combined hearing
and vision losses. Consider this your “road map,”
helping you navigate in this new land you’ve entered.
You are not alone—we are here with you.