Resources for Youths

Transition Planning

FAVI Deaf-Blind Collaborative can provide assistance with transition planning–for any and all transitions. Transition planning can be especially useful when students are transitioning from school settings to employment and adult living/services.

Perkins School for the Blind

Paths to Transition

Explore ideas and resources related to the transition from school to adult life for youth who are blind or visually impaired, including those who are deaf, blind or who have multiple disabilities.

For Infants and Young Children


The Sooner the Better

Effective Strategies for Identifying Infants and Young Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss



Serving children, young adults, and families who are affected by BOTH hearing loss and vision loss–with or without other disabilities.

For Teens and Young Adults


Success Stories


Transition & Adult Life Success Stories

The stories highlight best practices related to self-determination, access, and family engagement for transition-age students and adults who are deaf-blind.

A teen with his thumbs up in front of a conference poster

By The Daytona News-Journal

Talented Student Losing Vision Communicates Through Art

Winfield is learning non-visual techniques to help him perform daily activities, to travel in the community, and to manage his household.

Teen Winfield Holds Up Artwork he created

Video of Katie’s Flight

A blind, deaf teenager co-pilots a small plane.