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Talented Student Losing Vision Communicates Through His Art…


Learn about transition planning

Learn about Person-Centered Planning

Try out the Transition Self-Advocacy Portfolio

Learn about the SouthEast Transition Institute (SETI) for teens and young adults

Discover the Transition Toolkit–a repository of information, tools and resources that serve as a model for hosting a workshop for deaf-blind teens ages 14-22 and their families.

The National Center on Deaf-Blindness highlights Recommendations to Improve Transition Outcomes for Students with Deaf-Blindness and Additional Disabilities.  These recommendations are based on a comprehensive review of laws, policies, and best practices related to transition and extensive interviews with experts throughout the United States.

 Discover many tools available, to help you
make decisions about postsecondary education
and preparing for employment!

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Katie’s Flight…


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