American Sign Language (ASL) Resources


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ASL Connect from Gallaudet:

Free online classes, vocabulary,
credit classes (fee)

VL2 (Visual Language & Learning)
Parent Toolkit

  • Tutorial Series
  • “Find-A-Sign” Dictionary
  • Parent Resources

SignOn with ASDC

FOR PARENTS: Deaf ASL Ambassadors program:

  • get one-on-one practice
  • enjoy flexible scheduling – sessions available 7 days a week
  • record your video sessions so you can review any time
FOR KIDS: Friends Like Me

Friends Like Me connects your deaf/hard of hearing (DHH) child with 2-3 other DHH kids that are the same age.

SignOn connects the hearing and Deaf communities through authentic virtual learning interactions.

ASL Courses

Sign It ASL is brought to you by the Signing Time Foundation in partnership with Two Little Hands Productions.

Sign It ASL

Talented American Sign Language professionals teach at your pace.

* Fingerspelling, vocabulary, & grammar
* Non-manual markers (NMMs)
* Receptive conversation practice
* Introduction to Deaf culture
* Self-paced online learning

Students learn quickly with the Beginning ASL VideoCourse. The lessons teach vocabulary, grammar and Deaf culture applied to real-world dramas. The series features famed ASL instructor Billy Seago and the fun Bravo family. This functional approach is appropriate for students of all ages.

Grey banner shows image of a man signing next to a family picture and reads Bravo family beginning ASL videocourse.
These lessons teach vocabulary, grammar, and Deaf culture applied to real-world dramas.

ASL University: Lessons

This is an online curriculum resource for ASL students, instructors, interpreters, and parents of deaf children.

►  Fingerspelling Practice:
►  Fingerspelling
►  Numbers Practice:

►  ASL 1: Practice Cards (.doc format)
►  ASL 2: Practice Cards (.doc format)
►  Powerpoints
►  Quizzes

Take learning ASL into your own hands with ASL Level 1 – Guided Course or start with the free videos

The most popularly used ASL curriculum in the US and Canada, Signing Naturally has four sets of materials to teach students how to sign naturally!

Family Sign Language in English & Spanish

Family Sign Language Video Series: *Lessons 1-4
*Lessons 5-7
*Lessons 8-10

Lenguaje de signos para familias: *Lecciones 1-4
*Lecciones 5-7
*Lecciones 8-10

Learn about American Sign Language resources

A Quality Assurance Resource Center
Discover and Learn about the American Sign Language Resources for Children

SignWise is a collaboration among educators, professionals, researchers, and parents – all of whom are fluent in ASL and English.

SignWise reviews a range of products including apps, DVD/videos, e-books, printed books, websites, and more that feature ASL and deaf-related content. Content is reviewed for accuracy and clarity of ASL use, and reviews include brief descriptions of product features.

ASL Fingerspelling Alphabet

Basic ASL Lessons: Free lessons on basic ASL

ASL Lesson Tutor: Web page that can help to improve ASL vocabulary

Writing ASL Grammar: Material for learning ASL grammar

Start Learning ASL: Learn ASL alphabets, as well as basic words and phrases

ASL Studies Resources: Resources for free ASL lessons

Media & Materials Loan Library

Resource Materials and Technology Center for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (RMTC:DHH)

Florida offers a FREE loan video library service for educators, interpreters, and other professionals serving students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Florida. These materials are only to be used in the state of Florida.