FAVI Services

The FAVI Deaf-Blind Collaborative is a technical assistance and dissemination (TA&D) project funded by the US Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).

FAVI training, outreach, & Technical Assistance activities are designed to address and promote several national priorities, including:

  • Assessment, Planning, and Instruction
    Promoting the use of high-quality practices for the entire spectrum of children with deaf-blindness.
  • Family Engagement
    Building relationships with and among families is at the heart of services for children who are deaf-blind.
  • Early Identification and Intervention
    Helping to ensure that young children with sensory losses don’t miss important developmental opportunities.
  • Interveners and Qualified Personnel
    Supporting the provision of Intervener services for children with deaf-blindness.
  • Transition
    Helping young adults who are deaf-blind (and their families) transition to adulthood, advocacy and leadership.

Technical Assistance

FAVI also provides individualized and intensive Technical Assistance to children, young adults, familes, and educational teams affected by deaf-blindness.

Technical Assistance (TA) strategies include:

  • Site visits / classroom
  • Home / community visits
  • Face-to-face consultation
  • Telephone / email / distance consultation
  • Loan of Materials – research/evidence based published materials
  • In-service training workshops
  • Statewide training workshops
  • Information regarding state and national resources
  • Any combination of the above strategies

Dissemination strategies include:

  • FAVI email listserv
  • Facebook: FAVI facebook page
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Literature and materials provided to school districts
  • Literature and materials provided to other agencies
  • Literature and materials provided to constituents’ families