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During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, we know that many of our families, constituents, and teams are struggling to meet the needs resulting from combined hearing and vision loss. We want you to know we are still here to offer resources.Our team continues to provide services, at a distance, and we will remain available to you.

Created For Parents By Parents

Florida Parent Road Map

We’re on this road together. How did you arrive on this road? However you got here, you are not alone. We are here —we are parents who have been where you are now.

Young girl opens her arms wide during a sign language class

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Planificación de futuros personales

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Documento en Español Webinars conducted in Spanish with English translation. See English flyer here.

Planificación de futuros personales

Identifying Infants and Young Children

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PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes

Baby touching nose while sleeping

Please Welcome Angel Perez!

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Angel Perez joins the FAVI Deaf-Blind Collaborative as Assistant Director.  Angel has been working in the field of sensory disabilities for over…

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on the calendar

Accessibility Toolkit for State Deaf-Blind Projects